CPD Objectives

Nurture appropriate Attitudes, Values, knowledge, skills, competencies and capacity of teachers – Support high scholastic achievement of students.

ENRICH, ELEVATE and EMPOWER Teachers to be able to:

  1. Research, develop and transact appropriate educational content.
  2. Build pedagogical competence - focus on transaction of a range of high level skills.
  3. Motivating students to cooperate, collaborate, learn, discover and create.
  4. Understand pedagogical potential of technology and integrate into teaching learning processes.
  5. Align curriculum with Scholastic and Non Scholastic elements of success and leadership.
  6. Design Policy, Program and Practice. Become the change catalysts.
  7. Model desired values & behaviour.
  8. Access Professional and Personal growth avenues.
  9. Reinvent themselves - Evolve as reflective professionals.

Leading to…..

Through a series of programs, teachers avail of opportunities of professional development & growth. Scaffolding skills and competencies.

Motivated and fully Engaged in profession. In pursuit of career paths and personal growth - Opening positions as Coordinators, HoDs, Sectional heads and Principals.

Positions as Coordinators, HoDs, Sectional heads and Principals.



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