The CPD Organization

CPD Advisory Group (CPDA)

The CPDA It has academicians, educational leaders, school principals, administrators and acts as governing board for all educational matters.

Education Research and Design Group (ERD)

(ERD) It has largely researchers, practicing teachers, teacher educators and school principals. team at TeacherSITY has intensively researched the key areas of learning processes and class room transactions in the backdrop of global classroom practices and National Curriculum Framework.

Intervention, Accountability and Support Group (IAS)

In close association with the ERD group, it would assess the teacher needs at classroom level, coordinators and supervisors needs at mid-management level in schools and School Heads’ needs as principals and create curriculum and content for empowerment of each or these. As Intervention, It would design and offer programs to each of these categories of school functionaries.

Accountability norms, methods and processes would ensure that the benefits of CPD are actually available to the ultimate beneficiaries of this program, the students.

It would provide support to teachers, coordinators, supervisors and principals in the CPD program, as required.

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TeacherSITY Updates
Approximately 1500 In-Service teachers from different schools across all levels have successfully completed 5-day workshop on Generic Pedagogy Tools.
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