CPD Program Processes

The TeacherSITY Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program is a theme based program. Teachers, away from their schools, interact with teachers with shared interests. Peer learning, sharing of experiences, practices, constructing new paradigms, preparing for Effective Classrooms.

Teachers participate in a series of structured and Continuing Professional Development Program spread across a number of years as per their convenience and that of schools and communities they serve.  They choose subject and timing of program, in consultation with the school management.

  • Prepare through pre-program assignments they attempt before coming for programs.
  • Program Faculty leverages the participants’ diversity of experiences to construct new paradigms.
  • Experiential learning in the context of classroom forms core of all CPD programs. Ensures assimilation of concepts introduced at these programs. 
  • Teachers Share, Analyze and Construct new possibilities of classroom practice.
  • Encouraged to practice what they imbibe at these programs. Together with the schools, TeacherSITY provides support and interventions through web collaboration.
  • Teachers are recommended to attend these programs for at least 36 hours a year in 2 blocks of 3 days each.
  • Programs conducted in the Delhi regional center for schools in North India. The first centre located on the IGNOU road, Neb Sarai, South Delhi. Other centers to come up in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

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TeacherSITY Updates
Approximately 1500 In-Service teachers from different schools across all levels have successfully completed 5-day workshop on Generic Pedagogy Tools.
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