The School Leadership and Management Program is structured in four blocks. Each block facilitates in developing specific skills and competencies that lead to personal dynamism, making a difference in how schools function and what students learn.  

Block 1: Leadership Skills: This block will focus on areas of reflective decision making, professionalism, communication, public relations, ethics and attitudes, team building, trust, conflict resolution, crisis management to enhance personal effectiveness of the leader in the school.  

Block 2: Instructional Management Skills:  To build a powerful learning environment within the school this block will reflect on educational policies and programs, educational research and global perspective, educational pedagogy, community collaboration and learning, training programs, organization of effective teaching and learning, curriculum planning and evaluation, mentoring and counseling, use of technology, etc.  

Block 3: Strategic Leadership:  To establish an organizational structure, allocate resources, and communicate strategic vision that lead to innovations within the school. It aims to initiate "outside-the-box" thinking to generate future growth. 

Block 4: Institutional Management Skills:  To further enhance the managerial skill of the leader this block will look at developing a mind set for system thinking- its tools and practice, setting up of management information systems (MIS), problem solving, developing effective organizational systems, financial and office management, logistics etc. 

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Approximately 1500 In-Service teachers from different schools across all levels have successfully completed 5-day workshop on Generic Pedagogy Tools.
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