The underlining ethos which guided the development of School Leadership and Management Program (SLMP) is providing quality education to every child which is his/her fundamental right. This is best achieved by serving and supporting school leaders who face unexpected situations which require unexpected responses. This crisis has led to the emergence for new leadership requiring short term response capabilities and long term relief and rebuilding skills.  

The School Leadership and Management Program aims at developing competencies of a school leader that is not restricted to management but to understanding the importance of knowledge and its use, ability to reflect on it critically, nurture the process of innovative practices, timely action, evaluation and follow- up. SLMP will build strong interpersonal skills grounded in personal reflection and self awareness; self learning is the cornerstone of the program. It will encourage work based learning and best practices, empowering the school leadership to be more responsible and accountable. The program is significant in that it will focus on matters of student learning to create a powerful learning environment in schools. Our program ensures that when it is your turn to LEAD you will be READY.  

School leadership is often conceived to be the culmination of a teacher's journey. TeacherSITY's SLMP, emphasizes that a school leader's role is not linear but cyclic in nature. As such to be at the helm of administrating a school is not a role reversal but a role extension.

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Approximately 1500 In-Service teachers from different schools across all levels have successfully completed 5-day workshop on Generic Pedagogy Tools.
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