The program will nurture suitable attitudes, values, knowledge and skills of school leaders to facilitate high all round development of the school. School leaders will be empowered to

  1. Provide effective and empowering leadership skills towards realizing vision and goals of quality education.
  2. Be accountable for developing a learning environment that facilitates desirable change in the organization.
  3. Formulate high quality goals and standards that lead to effective teaching learning practices
  4. Build children's scholastic and non- scholastic achievement through instructional leadership.
  5. Ensure effective functioning of an organization by planning and executing office processes procedures.
  6. Promote and monitor management of financial resources optimally in support of organizational goals.
  7. Mobilize support from all stakeholders in the community.
  8. Explore professional and personal growth avenues

Leading To...

  1. Fulfillment of individual needs and career aspirations.
  2. Utilization of management information systems for effective functioning of the organizational system.
  3. Creation of a powerful learning environment by focusing on matters of teaching / learning.
  4. Development of a deeper awareness of self as a leader, learner and researcher.
  5. Review of professional characteristics, leadership styles and their effect on school climate.
  6. Enhancement of their current leadership practice by drawing upon theory, research, work-based learning and the best practices.
  7. Scaffolding individual skills and competencies.
  8. Building a healthy relationship with immediate stakeholders and community at large. 

The School Leadership Management Program is an initiative to build new pathways for a personalized leadership program which is an opportunity for senior leaders and experienced learners to reap a variety of benefits.

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Approximately 1500 In-Service teachers from different schools across all levels have successfully completed 5-day workshop on Generic Pedagogy Tools.
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