Feedback by Participants on Capacity Building Program

One Day C.B.P on Life Skills at Jodhamal Public School, Jammu on Nov 16, 2014

" Jodhamal empowers teachers on Children's Day

JAMMU: As part of its As a part of its endeavour to empower teachers, Jodhamal Public School organized a CBSE workshop via TeacherSity for them as Children's Day Gift for the students indirectly.

Today the teachers travelled an extra mile when all others were enjoying the Sunday Jodhamal teachers were honing up their potential, class room management and the life skills at the school Edulive room where the workshop was organized.

While discussing on Class Room Management the Resource Person TeacherSITY Consultant, Dimple Anil interacted with teachers who sought solutions for their day-to-day problems. Dimple also gave presentation on life skills and talked about the Social Skills, Emotional Skills and Thinking Skills (SET). She told that judging child for cognitive skills needs a proper understanding of the life skills. She gave a lot of activities to the teachers to find out the skill exhibited by different characters in the stories. She shared in the form of match stick drawings and also the story enactment. Teachers took active part in the workshop and made it a most successful workshop.

Principal Trilok Singh Bist told that such staff development workshops are a regular feature of Jodhamal Public School. Principal thanked the Resource Person Dimple Anil for all the guidance given to teachers and also thanked the school trustee Nandan Kuthiala for supporting such workshops for the Staff Development Programmes.

Respected Sir,
Greetings of the day!

From the core of my heart, I first of all thank you for giving me an opportunity to attend such an enriching workshop on Life Skills .The way Ms. Dimple Anil conducted the workshop was really commendable .She was so energetic, experienced and full of knowledge . First time in my teaching career, I felt so proud that I am a TEACHER.

Looking forward for more such Professional Development Programmes. Sir, I once again thank you for your concern, guidance and support.

Regards /Deepmala

Respected Sir,

Good evening. I would like to thank you Sir for giving me an opportunity to be a part of such an informative and enlightening workshop. I really learnt many things which I can use in my teaching and improve wherever I am lacking to prove myself or facing any problem. The resource person ma'am Dimple was very dynamic; she shared her experiences in a very interactive way and made us learn all about life skills and class management.

I attended many workshops or such interactive sessions but I must mention this was my best experience so far .

Sir , I really feel so blessed that god has given me a chance to work under your guidance because I worked under many principals but I never got a feeling of "working with a principal" it was always a feel of "working under a principal". One of the reasons we felt so happy with the workshop was the way it was conducted by the school management and especially by you.

Thank you
Sheetal Kotwal Pathania
PGT Comp. Sc.

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir, A big thank you for this workshop as it was the answers to almost all our classroom queries. Ma'am had lotz of positive vibes which she has definitely filtered down. Sunday was not at all wasted!


Good evening sir

I have been working for the last eight years now but the kind of exposure that I have got in Jodhamal under your able guidance is unique and has set me on another exciting expedition of learning.

To be honest sir when I was told about the workshop to be held on Sunday I felt a little miffed but after attending the workshop I am feeling myself completely transformed . The way Mrs Anil percolated her knowledge to us is really commendable. I really feel proud being a teacher and I look forward to leave no stone unturned in putting the best of my efforts in percolating the same knowledge to my dear students.

I once again thank you for organising such an illustrative workshop for us and hope that such more workshops shall be organised for us.


Dear sir,

Today's Resource Person Ms. Dimple Anil had been highly interactive, informative and full of life. I found her a very skilful person for imparting her knowledge which was not a stereotype. Most of the examples quoted by her are real classroom challenges faced by a teacher.

Thanks n regards
Roopinder Kour

Good afternoon sir.

The work shop yesterday was exclusive and excellent but after implementing few tips given by Dimple mam, Today the class was really different and much more manageable in a positive way.

She really helped us to know the positves and negatives of each and every child. Such workshops really makes some difference. Thank you sir for such a wonderful workshop. We were really fortunate enough to attend. Thanks once again Sir.

Regards ,

Dear Sir,

First of all I would like to thank you for showing faith in me and my abilities and accepting me as a teacher in your school. Being a army ward and having worked so long in an institution like army school I always wanted to work in an environment other than army to have a feel of what other schools have in store for me as a teacher and as a human being.

I am very passionate regarding teaching and as long as I will remain in the school I will not let you down with my actions and words. As far as the workshop on 16th November is concerned Mrs Dimple Anil did not give us any moment where we could feel as if the time is wasted. It was informative and after attending so many workshops earlier, this one gave a fresh feeling. When I entered the class today I had an entirely different perspective regarding the students and teaching.

I am personally thankful to you for this.
Looking forward to more workshops like this in future.

Regards/Sanjay Pandey
TGT Physics

One Day Capacity Building Program on CCE by TeacherSITY at Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu on Nov 15, 2014

As a part of its endeavour to empower teachers Jammu Sanskriti School organized a CBSE workshop via teacher-city on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) today at Jammu Sanskriti School, to train the teachers on CCE in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas and to assist teachers in effective implementation of CCE.

The resource person from CBSE Mrs. Dimple Anil, an experienced educationalist conducted the workshop. The main objective of this workshop was upgrading and up-skilling the teachers in implementing CCE. It aimed at preparing the teachers to be visionaries, futuristic and holistic in their approach to deals with the “Formative and Summative assessments. She also informed the teachers regarding the various supporting tools like CCE Manual, Teachers Manual Trainer’s Manual Life Skill manual. The Aim of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation was also communicated through its Slogan”Know-As you Grow”

The first Session of the workshop aimed at exploring CCE, All the participants put forth the practical problems faced by them in executing Formative Assessments in the Class. The second session was with the lots of interaction and activities. The objective behind these activities was to foster various ways in which creativity of Students can be brought out.

Mrs.Dimple Anil said, “CCE aims at giving opportunity to all as each and every individual is talented in one or the other way, She stressed on four Cs: Confidence, Communicative, Creative and Community.”

The workshop helped the participants to understand the meaning, objective and purpose of CCE.

Mrs.Rohini Aima Principal cum Vice Chairperson expressed her gratitude to the resource persons and she said workshop was very informative and beneficial for all the teachers. It also gave the pre-primary and primary teachers an insight on how to approach teaching bearing in mind the requirement in the higher classes. Certificates were given to all the participants

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One Day Capacity Building Program on Attitudes & Values at Dewan Public School, Hapur on Sept 14, 2014 by TeacherSITY

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