Om Pathak
As a member of Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Mr. Pathak served in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in INDIA. Prior to that he spent 6 years in the Indian Army; saw action in East Bengal, presently Bangladesh. During his tenure with the IAS, he chaired various state ventures ranging from power distribution, dairies and milk products, urban housing, rural development, industrial development, social forestry, anti-poverty programs, rural education to electronics, hotels & hospitality.

His role was largely built around strategic planning and operations. He has passionately pursued his interests in school, technical and vocational education; promoting new school ventures and addressing schooling, employment & livelihood related issues. He continues to pursue education related issues and enterprises striving to bring about a paradigm shift in these areas.

He is keen on building international collaborations to work towards these goals. He brings a wealth of understanding and experience in school & vocational education related matters including networking that is critical to the achievement of his goals.

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