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Thoughts Of A Student

Thoughts Of A Student

A true case (names changed) to introspect, what should go before the assessment & evaluations.

"Guess I'm not very good in class 6-H. This was my first year, and I didn't seem to do too well. The kids liked me OK, but the teachers and prefects seem to like the other kids better."

"Seems like the teachers don't think you know anything unless you get an A at the units assessment and have perfect writing and spotless paper on your records ... guess they don't understand about little drawings I make and writing with crayons…and how I love to laugh and making everyone laugh."

"Last week, I was supposed to give a demonstration in the Morning Assembly,at my school. Boy, was I scared! I asked, “ Presentation…demonstration…big words & new words..serious words…They really scared me. I didn’t want to sound foolish by asking “what & how”, as I knew the answer would be “ don’t be silly, anything”…

I was kind of afraid at first, but then I started rehearsing a funny experience …thinking “any thing”, then why not a funny thing? telling about that funny experience made me laugh aloud…the other kids enjoyed hearing about it, and I thought they'd really enjoy my demonstration & presentation, like I was doing … but no… ... Suneil Sir, our class teacher, gave me a dirty look and handed me a thick bunch of papers to read from, saying he had already assessed & knew that I won’t be able to handle this presentation …it’s a serious stuff! I just read from the project book… a plain serious reading, that’s what my presentation came out to be!!

Afterwards, Suneil Sir said I should have used new ideas and imagination to make my presentation effective …I didn’t come up to the standard!!” Guess, I just about have to be perfect to be EVALUATED AS good in 6-H class. I wish Suneil Sir had helped me before I gave the demonstration and told me how to be perfect…I could have tried at least”.

By Rewa Thapar


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