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Profile Of An Ideal Teacher

Profile Of An Ideal Teacher

Instructional Expert

  • Understands the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and moral characteristics of the developmental period of students in our social and cultural context and applies this to the management of teaching/learning processes.
  • Understands the factors that impact the healthy all round development of students and how students react to these.
  • Can plan and design a curriculum in her/his subject as per CBSE/ISCE norms to include course content, instructional objectives and lesson designs.
  • Understands and incorporates the dimensions of learning in curriculum design.
  • Conducts the teaching/learning processes in accordance with the principles of effective teaching.
  • Is able to plan and conduct assessment and evaluation of students in all three domains, viz, cognitive, affective and psychomotor.
  • Is able to coach students in raising performance levels.
  • Is able to communicate effectively with students.
  • Is open to new ideas and is willing to learn.


  • Displays leadership skills in managing groups of students or a team of colleagues.
  • Leads students in the learning process by eliciting their commitment to learn.
  • Contributes effectively to the work of the team and collaborates with parents and other stakeholders.
  • Motivator
  • Understands the interests of students keeping in view their social, economic and family background.
  • Uses understanding of students to motivate them to participate fully in the learning process, particularly those who are de-motivated for any reason.

Role Model

  • Through actions and behavior is an effective example to his/her students.
  • Is able to strike an effective balance between the needs of his/her home and professional life.


  • Is sensitive to the emotional needs of students and empowers them to develop emotional intelligence.
  • Is able to identify students who need attention of behavioral experts.
  • Is able to empathize with students.
  • Is able to counsel students so as to support their growth.

Classroom Manager

  • Is able to optimize useful time and contact time within the class time available.
  • Is able to maintain an orderly learning environment in the class so that students adopt the right attitudes and perception about learning.

Reflective Professional

  • Is able to reflect on her/his experience and come up with new ideas and process them to enrich the learning experience of students.
  • Is able to conduct empirical research in her area of work.

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