Training Need Analysis (TNA) –Pilot Project

Infrastructure facilities, curriculum, teaching learning material, effective monitoring and evaluation systems all contribute towards improved learning. However, the ultimate impact-making factor is the ‘Teacher’. Research has shown that teacher’s effectiveness accounts for 33% of whole school impact on student’s achievement gains.

Meaningful and appropriate teacher development and support programs are thus the cornerstone of building effective educational systems.

In the last two decades, research has created a new paradigm for professional development; one that rejects the ineffective "drive-by" workshop model of the past in favor of a model wherein training and development is an ongoing cyclic process covering three broad areas, viz, Training Needs Analysis, Training and Impact Analysis in recurring cycles. Each cycle will be spread over one academic year.

A KSA (Knowledge, Skill and Attitude) based tool (Questionnaire) was designed/existing one utilized for carrying out TNA of DPSG teachers’ current threshold in attitudes, skills and knowledge with a view to design empowerment program suited to the needs of the 21st Century learners


Teachers’ attitudes play a very important role in student development. In this context, the two most significant facets are Self Esteem and Emotional Intelligence. Both these facets play a crucial part in shaping the teachers attitude and behavior towards the students and also impact the teaching learning process. This in turn has a direct bearing on the student’s development. Hence, developing the right attitudes and high self-esteem among teachers is essential.

Revised Janis and Field Scale containing 36 items to assess teachers’ Self Esteem was administered Self-scoring Intelligence Test- Are you making most of yourself at work, containing 12 items was administered.


A teacher has to possess skills in various areas. The more important ones are pedagogical and 21st Century Skills (Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Problem solving) 30 questions in ‘Skill’ covered four broad areas namely Growth and Development in children, Curriculum Transaction, Classroom management and Inclusion and other issues which give an insight into their skills. The Questionnaire was developed in house through deliberations and brain storming amongst faculty.


The third area is Knowledge. A teacher needs to have a wide base of knowledge both pedagogical as well as general in order to be effective. 30 questions in “K�? were intended to assess teachers’ knowledge about pedagogy, policy frameworks - National Curriculum Framework 2005, National Curriculum Framework for Teachers Education 2009, Right to Education, current areas of concern – Disaster Management, environmental conservation, CBSE guidelines and initiatives and current affairs. The Questionnaire was developed in house through deliberations and brain storming amongst faculty.

The ASK tool was administered on line on the software developed by IT deptt of SelaQui Education In order to validate teachers’ responses to the ASK tool, interactive sessions i.e. central orientation program, group discussions and individual F2F interactions were conducted. This helped in further understanding the teachers’ personal traits like self-confidence, self-control (how they manage their impulsive feelings and actions), their adaptability and innovations, communication skills and above all their commitment to the profession.

Based on their response during F2F interactions and the responses in the ASK tool, Achievement Pathway of each teacher has been mapped.

ASK tool i.e. KSA based Questionnaire designed by TeacherSITY and responded to by over 350 teachers of Ghaziabad based DPSG group of schools stands validated by F2F interactions with the individual teachers.

We now propose to offer this tool to conduct TNA of other schools with the hope of improving teachers’ effectiveness to improve students’ performance.

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